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Freight Forwarding

Global Freight

Blackthorne have 25 years of experience providing air freight services for companies all over the world. Our knowledge and familiarity with airline operations and security mean that we are fully accredited as a full cargo agency for IATA (International Air Transport Agency), an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and enjoy regulated agent status from the both Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Transport Security Administration (TSA).

Delivery to Data centres

We specialise in delivering IT, networking and telecoms products to countries such as Brazil and all countries in the Asia Pacific Rim, where we often represent our clients as the IOR (Importer of Record) and legal entity. The client is responsible for delivery of equipment, customs clearance and compliance with local importing legislation – NOT the data centre. We handle all these processes on behalf of our clients, door to door, with more or less no, or very little involvement from our clients.

Forward Stocking Location

Blackthorne have established a network of Forward Stocking Locations – FSL’s – in 226 countries all over the world. We enable you to meet your service level agreement and delivery requirements in any market in which you wish to supply products in the most cost efficient manner for businesses ranging from niche product manufacturers to the largest IT, networking and telecoms companies in the world. We have a dedicated FSL login to enable you to manage your forward stocking location activities in real time.

Mini Forward Stocking Location

Traditionally access to Forward Stocking Locations has been restricted to large technology companies with extensive resources. With our new ground-breaking offering, we are delighted to introduce our innovative, pioneering, disruptive service – Mini Forward Stocking Locations – which now means smaller IT, networking and telecom companies can avail themselves of our FSL service with global coverage at an extremely accessible price point. We also have a mini FSL online calculator so you can see instantly see the tariffs for this service.

Mini FSL Calculator

If you are sending a parcel by air, road or sea, Blackthorne have you covered worldwide, 365 day a year. With over 25 years of experience providing freight services for companies all over the world, you can trust the team at Blackthorne to deliver. Just fill in the FSL form with a few simple details to get an estimate of monthly Mini FSL costs and we’ll do the rest.

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