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About Blackthorne Global Transport

Blackthorne - your value added global supply chain logistics partner offers a comprehensive suite of services to deliver your products and services - trouble free, compliant, risk free logistics – on-time – every time.

Specialists in providing global IT technology companies with a secure, compliant and reliable door-to-door route into new markets

Blackthorne is a leading global supply chain logistics partner. We typically work with technology companies who have a need to fulfil IT product service and repair activity in markets all over the world.

Blackthorne provides a door-to-door service for risk-averse technology corporates who demand 100% compliance, the highest standards of delivery execution and an experienced partner in all aspects of global supply chain logistics, ensuring the delivery of the right product, to the right recipient, on-time and matching or exceeding clients' expectations.

You wish to supply products to new markets where you have no official representation or support infrastructure. You need to be able to fulfil warranty support and other supply services to these markets with a major focus on compliance and 100% customer satisfaction.

You engage Blackthorne's world class supply chain team to provide a door-to-door logistics service. We handle every element of the delivery of your IT product to the end user.

If any of the above activities impact on your business you should talk to us about the "Blackthorne Advantage".

Blackthorne specialises in operating within challenging environments and providing first-class logistical solutions for corporates who work in markets where both the commercial rewards and associated risks are high. Blackthorne minimises your exposure to risk by acting as your trusted partner in these types of environments, operating with our proven track record of success. Blackthorne undertakes consultancy for large corporates worldwide on compliance and most aspects of supply chain logistics - from the movement of goods and ensuring documentation compliance, to provision of the Blackthorne legal entity representation for your company.

Your next step:

Talk to us - Blackthorne can provide an audit of your current and/or planned overseas export activities and tailor a bespoke export representation package specific to your needs.