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Specialists in providing global IT technology companies with a secure, compliant and reliable door-to-door route into emerging markets.

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Blackthorne Global Transport Blackthorne Global Transport

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Blackthorne Global Transport

Blackthorne IT - Importer of Record (IOR) providing the most efficient customs clearance.

We offer legal entity representation in 226 countries – providing you with trouble-free compliant and cost-effective import solutions.

Blackthorne IT - Exporter of Record (EOR) managing your compliance worldwide.

Trust Blackthorne IT to ensure your export activity is compliant and meets current regulatory and legislative laws.

Blackthorne IT’s – Legal Entity representation for Fortune 500 companies in countries all over the world.

Blackthorne IT works in many countries across the world including some of the most difficult areas for ease of doing business and ensures your compliance.

Blackthorne IT - Export licensing experts in all countries around the world.

Our licensing team is fully conversant with the changing landscape of government legislative changes relating to all technology products – are you aware of the latest technology product licensing requirements?

We work with some of largest logistics companies in the world providing white label global solutions.

3rd party trade freight company logistics support for international transport companies who want to benefit from Blackthorne IT’s extensive experience and comprehensive worldwide legal entity representation.