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Blackthorne’s Record Delivery Time to Jakarta

Blackthorne pulled off probably the quickest delivery possible from Singapore to Jakarta this past weekend saving a major bank’s internal communication flow. Quite literally within 90 minutes of collection from their stock in Singapore the power supply units were on local delivery in Jakarta.

How did we achieve this feat? – Local procurement.

It was a desperate situation for a major investment bank with 2 servers down needing replacement power supplies. These particular power supplies are rare units and not available everywhere. Replacement units were found in both Denmark and Singapore as a worldwide search was carried out, however just after collection of the Singapore units whilst they were on their way to the airport, we found 2 devices available locally in Jakarta. They were promptly collected and taken to site for installation.

Were the stock not found in Jakarta, the Blackthorne Importer of Record service to Indonesia would have provided the second solution over the weekend so either way Blackthorne had it covered.

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