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Russia Sanctions Guidance Highlighted

The UK Export Control Joint Unit have issued new guidance to the Russia Sanctions with a 2022 Amendment. The purpose of the sanctions is to prevent an escalation of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Right now, with tensions at a peak it is especially important to ensure compliance and review these sanctions within your […]

Mini Forward Stocking Locations Available Globally

Did you know that Blackthorne now offer a new concept of mini FSLs? Why mini? The cost and service are based on low volume parts strategically close to your client or installation site. Rather than paying for a large inventory system with minimum usage you pay by the individual device making this a very cost-effective […]

Blackthorne Tokyo Open for Import of Record Services

After working with various agencies for many years Blackthorne has opened a further entity in Asia in Tokyo, Japan. This compliments existing key commercial hubs in the region of Hong Kong and Singapore. Japan has long been a growing market for IOR service for Blackthorne so was a natural progression and Blackthorne can now provide […]

Whatever Happened to the Internet of Things?

It’s still there but not growing as forecast. In 2010 Cisco predicted there would be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 but the reality falls very much shorter at just over 12 billion. Cisco have since revised the number to be even more at 75 billion by 2025 expecting an exponential take up over the […]

Update: New EU008 Export Licence for HPE Servers

The EU has established a new export licence – EU008. This is for computers only that are classified as 5A002 such as the new generation HPE servers. The old servers were not controlled but the new generations most likely will be in almost all configurations. The licence also covers some software applications relating to cryptographic […]

EU to Expand Export Control for Encrypted Products

The EU will soon bring in to force new regulations that tighten up the control over the export of encrypted products. The Updated Regulation targets “cyber-surveillance items,” defined as dual-use items “specially designed to enable the covert surveillance of natural persons by monitoring, extracting, collecting or analysing data from information and telecommunication systems.” The new […]

South Africa – Third African Location for Blackthorne

Hot on the heels of Ethiopia opening for Blackthorne, South Africa is now up and running making this the 3rd location in Africa with more to follow. Located in the commercial hub of Johannesburg, it will be providing IOR services in to South Africa and coordination deliveries to Lesotho and Eswatini.

Blackthorne Expansion plans Restarted

It’s time to get going again! With the uncertainty of the economy over the last year expansion plans were placed on hold however with renewed confidence we can restart this process. First off the line is Blackthorne New Zealand which is now established and import ready. Many more countries will be following soon so watch […]

New IOR eBook available to download

Blackthorne have now made available free of charge a new eBook detailing many important points relating to IOR services. Over time this eBook will be expanded so needs to be checked back regularly for updates. Download your free copy here.