Importer of Record (IOR) Services

Blackthorne provide a comprehensive range of services which enable companies to easily import and export their IT and networking products to emerging markets all over the world.

IOR Services

The importer of record is the fiscal entity taking responsibility for the import of goods in to a different customs territory from where they were sent.

We have been acting as Importer of Record for companies selling technology products for over 25 years – when the activity was called "Registered Importer" or "Registered Exporter". If you want to speak to people with real practical experience of this type of activity - call us for a friendly jargon- free chat about your potential requirements.

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Importer of Record (IOR) Services

What is an Importer of Record?

An importer of record - aka IOR, is a customs term which describes the activity of a company such as Blackthorne, who provide a service to ensure that the products we represent on behalf of our clients, fully comply with local legal and regulatory requirements for import and export purposes. This in effect means we are acting on your behalf and manage and submit all the customs forms and pay local duties and taxes to enable your product to be legally imported into the country of your choice with full compliance.

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Why choose Blackthorne

Technology companies have been relying on Blackthorne for the provision of Importer of Record services for nearly 25 years. We have unrivalled experience in providing IT, Networking and Telecom companies with our specialist IOR expertise ensuring their products arrive door to door to any market in the world, with full compliance and adhering to local market regulatory requirements.

An experienced international IOR services provider

Blackthorne has been providing IOR services for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge within our knowledgeable team concerning your DDP shipment with the customs authorities, payment of duties and taxes and fi ling documentation and paperwork. Having established a legal entity in over 200 countries, we can represent your business in the desired country and quickly acquire the licenses that you need.


Simplified customs

One of the key advantages of choosing an IT freight specialist for your global shipments is the benefit of a simplified customs clearance process. Our global network enables us to comply with all necessary import and export regulations and ensure that your goods are properly classified and certified.

Payment of all duties, taxes and fees

Avoid unexpected costs and taxes by using the services of Blackthorne. From storage and warehousing to door to door transport, we can manage your entire IT equipment transportation. As well as managing the payment of all taxes, duties, fees and certifi cation costs as the Importer of Record we will also keep detailed documentation which is stored for a minimum period as required by law. This means that should you require documentation at any point, we can provide the right paperwork to help you avoid future fi nes and taxes.

Importer of Record meaning

The videos below will help you understand how can act as your Importer of Record and provide services such as Global representation to enable you to start selling your products in a hassle free, compliant and cost effective manner very quickly.

How are our IOR service Fees calculated

We were the first company to develop an online calculator to enable clients to view a clear summary of IOR costs of sending product from any location to any location in the world. Blackthorne account holders receive preferential rates compared to those displayed in our calculator - please contact us to find out how to become a Blackthorne account holder

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Although our experienced Importer of Record experts are happy to advise you over the phone, we have detailed below the questions we are typically asked relating to IOR related matters.

The Importer Number is a unique identification number that is assigned to an Importer of Record by the government of the importing country. In the EU this is an EORI Number which is assigned to importers and exporters by the relevant tax authority. At Blackthorne we can act as an IOR for your IT shipments anywhere in the world.

The Importer of Record can be a person or organisation that is responsible for all paperwork relating to importing goods into a destination country. The IOR needs to arrange the payment of duties, levies, fines, product classification and certification.

Typically, the term Importer of Record or IOR is used to describe the entity or person who is accountable for the legal importation of goods in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are being imported. The responsibilities of this entity include classification and valuation of the goods, as well as payment of any duties and fees of the imported goods.

Generally speaking, a consignee is a different entity to an importer, although a consignee can be a government registered importer. A consignee is a single entity or company who the cargo is consigned to by the shipper. The consignee does not need to be the actual buyer of the goods. The importer is registered in the country of import to bring goods in from outside countries.

Typically, the term Importer of Record or IOR is used to describe the entity or person who is accountable for the legal importation of goods in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are being imported. The responsibilities of this entity include classification and valuation of the goods, as well as payment of any duties and fees of the imported goods.

Simply put, the Importer of Record is accountable for ensuring that goods imported are properly cleared through customs and that all the necessary paperwork is completed. On top of this, the Importer of Record is responsible for the payment of any fines, duties, fees and levies that fall due as part of the import.

The Exporter of Record can be the seller or buyer but in both these cases, there may be potential compliance concerns. At Blackthorne International Transport we can act as the Exporter of Record for all IT shipments around the world. As the Exporter of Record, we are able to maintain documentation and ensure accuracy in the event of an audit.

If you are looking to import goods, then an Importer of Record is needed. This is a person, entity or organisation that is responsible for maintaining a paper trail and ensuring that all customs declarations are made, that goods are properly classified and that all duties, fees and levies are paid.

Yes, absolutely. Here at Blackthorne we are happy to act as an Importer or Record for IT shipments globally and our huge global network and infrastructure helps us to offer a seamless process for our customers. Our team can help get your IT equipment where it needs to be and expedite the import-export process.

In some cases, yes. However, we’d recommend choosing an experienced company that specialises in import and export. IT equipment and hardware are highly regulated so if you want to import or export worldwide then you need a company that knows what they are doing. At Blackthorne we can provide the support and help you need to get your hardware where it needs to be.