Blackthorne IT Mini FSL for Low Volume Spares

Blackthorne IT are pleased to announce its latest innovation in the technology logistics market, with the provision of a cost effective new service for IT service providers for Forward Stocking Locations (FSL's).

Traditionally access to Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) have been exclusively the preserve of large companies due to the high costs associated with the provision of this service.

Blackthorne can now provide a Mini FSL facility specifically geared towards low product volumes at up to a 90% reduction of the cost of a standard higher volume service!

The benefits of Blackthorne Mini Forward Stocking Locations include:

  • Enables your company to meet SLA's to your clients for delivery of inventory
  • Reduces delivery time to clients due to proximity of FSL
  • Allied to our IOR and legal entity representation, we can provide you with a valuable stocking location in new markets
  • Reduction of your logistics costs to reach overseas markets

Blackthorne IT have extensive experience in the provision of technology logistics for some of world’s leading tech companies - this new disruptive Mini FSL initiative we have introduced to the market, means we can provide Forward Stocking Location services to smaller companies, with bigger ambitions to expand into new markets.

Blackthorne provide Importer of Record and IT logistics services across over 220 countries. Contact Us with your requirements to find out how we can assist you in overseas markets.

Blackthorne IT Mini FSL Mini Forward Stocking Locations