"Blackthorne is frequently asked to deliver IT products to data centres in places such as Brazil and more remote outposts in the Asia Pacific Rim. Invariably we simultaneously act as the IOR (Importer of Record) and legal entity for clients as well. Many clients are not always aware that their company - NOT the data centre - is responsible for not only delivery of equipment, but also customs clearance and compliance with all the local import law. Naturally we provide clients with this requirement with an inclusive door-to-door service – with minimal client involvement."

How it works – typical delivery to a data centre as an example:

You prepare for us a Bill of Materials (BOM) - effectively an inventory of the IT products that you plan to ship and install at the data centre.

Once we have details of your precise requirements we prepare all the documentation, permits, licensing requirements and then provide you with a detailed quotation for the entire process.

Now our unrivalled experience comes into play and we seamlessly calculate the precise duty and tax and IOR fees - if applicable. Blackthorne processes jobs with the "Delivery Duty Paid" (DDP) upfront to customs before the items arrive ensuring the clearance is made as fast as possible

We have operations units all over the world. Items tend to be delivered to one of our facilities but we can arrange collection if required.

Upon receipt of the equipment to be shipped at a Blackthorne facility we undertake a precise audit of the shipment including product serial numbers to confirm our documentation exactly reflects the items to be shipped. As you might expect we are expert in packing this type of cargo - especially fragile IT equipment - and use appropriate materials and processes to ensure maximum protection and security.

As an approved IATA agent - Blackthorne is authorised to load cargo on any IATA commercial airline - we fly cargo in the most direct route possible, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

We handle the whole customs process entirely on your behalf. Should customs officials have any specific queries about your shipment, we can answer them on your behalf to result in the quickest possible clearance for your items. Our local clearance specialists on the ground can provide shipment status in real time in more stringent and demanding destinations.

Probably the area where we really demonstrate why we set the standard in value added global supply chain logistics. Upon delivery of the items to your desired destination, immediate confirmation of delivery and details of the ultimate recipient signing for the goods is made to you.