Exporter of Record (EOR) explained

In a similar way to the Importer of Record, the Exporter of Record is responsible for ensuring that all legal regulations are adhered to during shipment. As a further note the Exporter of Record is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the shipment arrives at the end destination
  • Make sure that deliveries are made on time and according to the payment
  • Answering any inquiries from the Customs and Border Protection
  • As with the IOR, the EOR needs to keep appropriate documentation in order to comply with all eligible regulations. At Blackthorne we can simplify the process ensuring that the correct information is passed between different forwarding agents and managing the shipment between the seller and the buyer.

This helps businesses to maintain operations as normal safe in the knowledge that their IT shipments are being handled correctly.

By using Blackthorne you can avoid unforeseen problems and issues that can arise when the Exporter of Record has not been designated and defaults to the shipment’s foreign recipient.

For companies who need to support warranty replacements and emergency stock, and who do not have an established legal entity our services can help. We are able to act as IOR and EOR for your shipments and ensure a fast, smooth and reliable way for your business to import and export IT hardware and equipment throughout the world.

Exporter of Record (EOR)