Blackthorne has an expert dedicated Export Licensing Team that is fully conversant with current encryption levels associated with hardware and software products exported to countries which are subject to licencing rules. Failure to comply with these export licensing rules can lead to severe penalties - in addition to 50+ day delays and often loss of goods. This is our speciality so talk to us first and prevent this happening with your tech shipments!

Most companies are unaware of the vagaries of export licensing and it is all too common that they contravene local custom regulations, often with severe penalties. That’s where we can help.

Export Licensing

Category 4 and 5 Export Licensing

Blackthorne has a deep understanding of the requirements set out by export control offices globally for exporting goods under an export licence. We are specialists in category 4 and 5 export licensing which covers computers as well as information security systems that include encryption.

By keeping up to date with changes to the UK and international strategic export controls lists we are able to help you better understand the classification and requirements for your goods.

From management of your Export Licensing Programme using the relevant government system, through to export of goods and declarations of licence use, we can provide you with a comprehensive service that is tailored to the needs of your business. We can also provide advice and database services for recording software transfer export by electronic means.

Developing World Export Licensing

At Blackthorne, we have considerable experience working with telecommunications and infrastructure companies and helping them to operate in the developing world while complying with export regulations.

With a growing number of items, including technology products falling under export licensing control you need to keep up to date on all elements of export licensing for your business.

Export licensing can be extremely complex with regulations frequently changing which requires continual monitoring to ensure that your business is compliant. Does your staff have the experience and knowledge to keep up with this fast-moving landscape?

Non-compliance can result in severe economic and reputational penalties if you inadvertently flout these regulations. That is why you need to partner with Blackthorne in order to mitigate your commercial risks and liabilities associated with your export activities.

Are you aware that a border force check which might result in a licence requirement for your goods can lead to a 6-week holdup and possible loss of your goods?

Can you afford the risk of NOT using Blackthorne to assist you with your export licencing?

Category 4 and 5 Export Licensing Developing World Export Licensing

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Contact us now for an audit of your current and/or planned overseas export activities and we can determine your Export Licencing needs and implement a compliant logistics solution to enable you to export your technology products to the country of your choice – anywhere in the world - very quickly.

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