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Understanding The Supply Chain Processes When Shipping Abroad

Shipping IT technology abroad is currently a rather complex process and when undertaken independently can take a lot of time and money to get right. Thankfully, there are professional companies that are able to assist you in this regard and help to make the whole process of shipping abroad much more simple and undoubtedly less stressful.

Here at Blackthorne, we can handle all the supply chain logistics that are associated with getting your products from the point of origin to your desired destination. Even if you choose to work alongside a professional company in this regard, it is beneficial to understand the basic supply chain processes to get your products from A to B. To help anyone wanting to learn more in this regard, Blackthorne have explained these processes below.

Export Licence and shipping documents

Before the process of shipping your goods even starts, it is imperative to ensure that you have an export licence if needed along with all of the required trade compliance shipping documents to actually get your shipment to its final destination. This is something you will have to do yourself unless you decide to work alongside a professional Exporter of Record, in which case they will handle this documentation for you.

Collection from the origin of your goods

This part of the process, sometimes referred to as export haulage, involves getting your products from your premises to the forwarder’s premises. Again, this can be something that is your responsibility to organise or, it can sometimes be agreed that your shipper handles this part of the transportation. Typically this will be arranged through a local transportation company, however, it often makes sense to use a freight forwarder who can offer export haulage too.

Export customs clearance

As you are probably aware, customs clearance is an essential part of the shipping process and this is where your shipping documents will be required. Export customs clearance is usually performed by a freight forwarder with a valid license alternatively, a customs house broker that is appointed directly by the shipper may be used. This step must be completed before the cargo can leave the country of origin.

International transport

This is where your products are physically transported, this can be by any combination of air, sea and road freight. The freight forwarder will organise this process for you and decide on the best company to use in order to meet the required timeline for the shipments. 

Import customs clearance

Similarly, to export customs clearance. Import customs clearance is an important process. Again, this is performed by the freight forwarder or by a customs house broker appointed. The import customs clearance process must be completed before the cargo leaves a customs bonded area in the country of destination. This is often the part that can cause delays to your shipment.

Delivery to the final destination

The final step, sometimes referred to as import haulage, is the physical delivery of the goods. Like the collection, this can either be performed by the freight forwarder or a local transportation company. As we said for the export haulage, it normally makes sense to use a freight forwarder which can also arrange this part of the process for you.

How Blackthorne can help

There is no denying that if you are new to shipping items abroad whilst you may be able to follow the supply chain processes organising them is more complex than you may originally realise. It is always beneficial to work alongside a professional Importer of Record to handle the whole process for you.

Blackthorne can act as your Importer of Record for IT shipments globally. Our huge global network and infrastructure enable us to offer a seamless process for all our customers. You can rely on our experienced team to help get your IT equipment where it needs to be and expedite the whole import-export process. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with if you require our assistance.

How can we help you?

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