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Brave New World – The Power of the Equiano Subsea Cable

Delivering global trade computing power from Portugal to Southern and West Africa

Since 2018, Google has invested heavily in laying two fully funded private subsea cables to reinforce and link cloud infrastructure to over 100 network edge locations.  The Dunant cable connects Virginia Beach (US) to Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, (France) and, more recently, the Curie cable, which runs from Los Angeles (US) to Valparaíso (Chile). Both cables use a high fibre count (HFC) architecture, with a design capacity of 250 terabits per second (Tbit/s). 

Last year (2022), Google added a further cable to its connectivity infrastructure, the Equiano Cable. The latest edition of the Google-funded underwater cable systems continues to revolutionise internet connectivity and data transfer for businesses all over the Globe.  

The high-capacity optical fibre Equiano cable system spans from Portugal to South Africa with connections in multiple countries across West, Central and Southern Africa. Like the Dunant and Curie undersea cables, the Equiano cable is designed to allow branching/branching units, which will help further expand through Africa and other countries within the global network.

The new infrastructure will seismically impact how businesses interact in an ever-increasing globalisation world landscape by improving connectivity between regions and enhancing data transfer security measures.

The Equiano Cable will play a vital role in further global connectivity and how importers of record (IORs) leverage themselves to facilitate international trade.

Features and capabilities of the Equiano Cable

The Equiano Cable will span over 8,000 kilometers between Africa and Europe, connecting Nigeria to Portugal and additional branches heading into France and Spain. This subsea cable can deliver up to 20 Tbit/s of data at any given time and has an overall capacity of over 100 petabytes (PB). It is one of the most powerful cable systems today (2023). 

In addition, this new technology promises improved latency times for companies and traders looking for more reliable connections across continents. With its advanced optical technologies, such as space-division multiplexing (SDM) technology, the Equiano Cable offers greater flexibility when compared to traditional copper or coaxial cables, which can be limited in their capabilities.

It will be the first subsea cable to incorporate optical switching at the fibre-pair level rather than the traditional approach of wavelength-level switching. This greatly simplifies the allocation of cable capacity, giving us the flexibility to add and reallocate it in different locations as needed. 

Expansion of Internet Accessibility in Developing Countries

The new subsea cable will deliver improved Internet connectivity, operating systems and the endless benefits of cloud technology and platforms to areas that lack reliable connections due to its low latency rates compared with satellite networks or terrestrial fibre optic cables. 

Communities can now take advantage of superior technical services, including educational opportunities through distance learning programs, better access to health care information, conducting business activities remotely and starting new ventures by utilising technology solutions.  

These technological advances have far-reaching benefits for local communities that all contribute towards reducing poverty and improving living standards in developing nations.

Impact of the Equiano Cable on IOR service providers

The economic impact of the Equiano cable will directly affect Importers of Record transporters (IORs) as they are the interfaces between importers/exporters and their customers. With the improved connectivity of the Equiano cable, IORs will benefit.

Cost savings for customers

Due to its ability to reduce latency and improve reliability compared to traditional submarine cables, IOR service providers can offer lower rates for cloud-based and related services. 

Improved performance and reliability

The Equiano Cable is designed for high performance and reliability in previously unreachable areas. 

It is ideal for mission-critical applications such as video streaming, e-commerce transactions, big data analytics, cloud computing or VoIP services that require low latency and consistent speeds. 

Improved performance ensures a better user experience for customers using these services, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue opportunities for IOR service providers. 

Expanded coverage areas

Extending across multiple regions, IOR service providers can expand their coverage areas quickly while substantially reducing costs associated with laying new cables or upgrading existing ones. 

Coverage expansion will help IORs to provide better connectivity solutions at competitive prices, further increasing their market share within their respective regions of operation. 

Additionally, IORs will be able to identify new markets around the globe quickly and efficiently through improved collaboration.

Not an Importer of Record? What’s in it for you?

No more hassle in navigating cross-border customs clearance, regulations, and restrictions. Not to mention the limitless opportunities for commerce and networking with a broader global audience.

Hence, international transport companies like Blackthorne technology are responsible for reaching new markets, establishing their identity, and seamlessly getting your goods to new destinations.


The Equiano cable is a game changer in further growing the world into a global village while providing a fair share of its value to individuals, companies, and international trade. 

Its cost-effectiveness, scalability, high-speed data transmission capabilities, improved security features and reduced latency make it an ideal choice for IOR service providers like Blackthorne International Transport, who want to grow international trade relationships in every part of the respective global village.

Additionally, its ability to enable faster internet access in remote areas and facilitate international business communications can help drive economic growth worldwide. 

It’s time IOR international providers and companies leverage the power of the Equiano Cable as part of their digital infrastructure investments. Won’t you let us know your desired destination?

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