It isn’t uncommon for IT businesses to either move abroad or expand their company opening a new office abroad. This is a part of natural progression and is sometimes the best thing for the company. However, moving abroad isn’t the same as moving premises in the same country. It is far more complicated, there are lots of import/export guidelines to follow and it often requires professional help. 

The best person to help you with moving the physical aspects of your business abroad is an Importer of Record. You may have never heard of this term before, yet it may be incredibly beneficial to you. To help you understand the role of an Importer of Record in more detail Blackthorne has put together a helpful guide. 

What is an Importer of Record (IOR)?

Importer of Record is a term used in customs law. It refers to an importer, either the owner or purchaser of the imported goods or it can also be a third-party agent representing the owner. The Importer of Record is there to ensure that all of the goods are imported in accordance with the law.

An IOR is also responsible for filing all legally required documents, they handle payment of the assessed import duties along with any other taxes on the imported goods. They essentially solely deal with the whole process of transporting goods abroad. 

Who would use IOR services?

Usually, IOR services are required for businesses transporting goods rather than personal transportation of goods. For example, a business that is wishing to import dual-use goods, this term covers the majority of IT equipment, on a global scale that might not yet have a registered entity in the countries they wish to import into.

Even if the company does have personnel in the country they are transporting goods to, they might not have the required knowledge to complete all the requirements and follow the correct procedures. Working with an IOR makes things much easier for the business transporting the goods. 

Why should you use an IOR?

Ultimately, by using an Importer of Record instead of attempting to complete the import or export of goods by yourself you will feel safe in the knowledge that your items will get to where they need to be safely, quickly and legally. 

It is so easy to make mistakes when transporting goods and working with an IOR is one way to avoid these and at the same time, you can also avoid increased transportation risks, delays and extra costs, or even a deal from not being completed.

What does the IOR service include?

An Importer of Record is there to handle the entire process from start to finish so that the end-user doesn’t have to get involved at all. They will handle all of the following;

  • Pre-ship import/export licences and permits
  • All documentation and goods compliance checks
  • Customs Clearance
  • Freight
  • All customs charges
  • Shipment status reports

Any IOR service is a complete service which will ensure your goods get from A to B as you hoped and that everything is handled as required by law. 

Appointing the Importer of Record

All in all, using an IOR is a great way to provide peace of mind for your company, it also takes any pressure off your shoulders and is one of the only ways to ensure that you can transport your goods correctly and legally. There are no negatives to working alongside an IOR and we would always recommend them, especially when transporting specific goods such as IT equipment. 

At Blackthorne they can provide the specialist support you need to help ensure quick, efficient and reliable importing and exporting of IT equipment worldwide. Shipping IT equipment globally can be an incredibly complex process with hardware being highly regulated, which is why you should always use an experienced Importer of Record. Prevent any potential issues before they even arise and transport everything required by your business today with the help of an IOR. 

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