As the world is becoming more digital, more IT logistic companies are starting up to compete with continuous demand. However, like almost every large corporation, you might think about potentially moving elsewhere, predominantly overseas to receive the different advantages that it may offer. 

Despite this, not all technology companies are prepared to take the plunge and export all of their infrastructures overseas, hence the creation of this guide covering why you would benefit from relocating your IT facilities internationally.


You could end-up saving money

Although you won’t be able to see your company savings in the short term, especially considering the costs of the initial export and export of IT solutions, it can work out much cheaper in the long run. Often this has to do with government incentives, which we will explain later, but several other countries might offer cheaper options in terms of rent, services and much more.

It’s also likely that you might have the opportunity to find employees that are cheaper to employ. Although there is no guarantee, several other countries, such as the US, have cheaper minimum wages, meaning you could potentially save on costs going forward.


More skilled workers

Linking back to the previous point, several countries around the world have much more skilled workers compared to where your business might be located. Particularly for tech and IT companies, several firms are now looking towards popular locations such as Silicon Valley in the US, as this has been proven to have very skilled and knowledgeable staff in the area.

As you can imagine, this is ideal for IT logistic companies, as it is bound to increase the overall quality of the team, but also help to develop the capabilities of the company. From this, it’s likely that the potential for the business in terms of providing additional and better-quality services will rise, further increasing the opportunity for the business to grow and generate more business.


Potential for business partnerships

Especially if there are endless amounts of new businesses located around your IT facilities, there is also the opportunity for new business partnerships, but also new business in general. As they are completely unfamiliar with our services, you have the chance with new and exciting businesses to create something spectacular. Especially when you first relocate to a new country, this might be vital to guarantee that you and your business settles ineffectively, which might be achieved easier by partnering or contacting the existing firms in the area. This can then potentially lead to future business in the future.


Government incentives are always appealing

Briefly mentioned before, many government incentives are implemented to entice businesses to relocate to their country, and the IT industry is no different. Whether it’s specific tax relief programs, investment opportunities or the way that employees are trained, they are all great reasons why you should export your IT logistics elsewhere. To gain the very best idea of this, it’s suggested that you carry out the appropriate research regarding each country specifically to find out how they can benefit you.


Need help with transportation?

However, the process of moving all of your IT facilities can be very challenging and disruptive, which is where Blackthorne are here to help. As one of the most accredited Importer of Record operators, we have established a network in 226 counties around the world, enabling us to provide one of the most dependable services possible for our clients.

As our role of an Importer of Record, we can help to facilitate the export and import of your IT logistics to your designated location. Whether it’s the USA, Russia, Switzerland or any other country around the world, we are certain we can provide the very best service possible to guarantee your goods get transported correctly.


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