When shipping items abroad, many businesses will turn to a professional Importer of Record (IOR) to help make the process much easier on their part. An IOR is responsible for ensuring your goods are imported in accordance with the laws of the country or jurisdiction to which the goods are being imported. Many countries have different import and export guidelines which can make things complicated so, working with an IOR will take away any stress in this regard.

There are many different companies that will offer importer and exporter of record services and you want to ensure that you choose the best for your specific needs. So, if you are shipping IT equipment globally then Blackthorne is the company for you and here is why.

Wealth of experience

Ensuring that the company you choose to act as your IOR has experience is vital, shipping IT equipment globally can be an extremely complex process with hardware being highly regulated. Thankfully, Blackthorne have been acting as IOR for companies selling technology products for over 10 years now and they specialise in technology export. You can rely on their team to ensure that your shipments are simplified and that you don’t have to worry about any of the legal, customs or regulatory side of your freight.

Variety of services

As well as acting as your Importer of Record, Blackthorne can also provide you with a range of other services which can be incredibly beneficial. We routinely provide services such as legal entity representation and export licensing. Unlike the majority of logistics companies, Blackthorne can also assist you with the installation and maintenance of IT products.

Our Cisco trained engineers work worldwide offering "smart" hands and "remote" hands support services. This provides technology corporates with an effective solution to warranty, maintenance, repair and installation requirements in remote locations all around the world.

Simplified customs clearance

Customs can cause huge problems when it comes to shipping IT equipment and it has the ability to dramatically slow down your shipment. One of the key advantages of choosing an IT freight specialist for your global shipments is the benefit of a simplified customs clearance process.

When you choose Blackthorne, our global network enables us to comply with all necessary import and export guidelines and regulations and they will ensure that your goods are properly classified and certified preventing any delays.

Payment of all duties, taxes and fees

As well as handling customs for you, Blackthorne IOR services will take care of all necessary duties, taxes, and fees and, help you to avoid additional unexpected costs. We will manage your entire IT equipment transportation and keep all of your detailed documentation which is then stored for a minimum period as required by law. Therefore, should you require this documentation at any point, we can supply you with the right paperwork to help you avoid future fines and taxes.

Numerous accreditations

To put your mind at ease, Blackthorne has also achieved official recognition from a number of different trade bodies for financial and professional competence, as well as adherence to global trading standards. All of our accreditations provide industry recognition for various aspects of our business and put us above the majority of other freight specialists and Importer of Record companies. We even have approved vendor status from organisations such as The United Nations.

Choosing Blackthorne as your Importer of Record

Overall, when searching for an IOR, that is also a technology expert to help with your international shipments, visit the Blackthorne website. You can trust that we will meet all of your Importer of Record requirements and provide you with the specialist support you need to help ensure quick, efficient and reliable importing and exporting of your IT equipment worldwide. If you have any questions at all or require additional information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with their experienced team today.

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