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Blackthorne has legal entity representation in 226 countries around the world. With our established trading partnerships we can provide your company with legal entity representation in more or less any country in the world.

Many large corporates do not wish to operate a satellite operation in every country their products are sold to for economic, strategic, logistical, political and reputational reasons. The unmatched scope of legal entity representation we have means that we can undertake this activity on your behalf –

Blackthorne's legal entity representation presents your company with the fastest route to new international markets. New trading areas often present both risks and rewards in equal measure and it is important to establish a "land grab" at the early stages of these nascent commercial environments.

Ask yourselves these questions when you are considering Legal Entity Representation:

Do you understand all the compliance parameters relating to your proposed commercial activity in the new market you wish to trade in?

Would you like to fast-track our 20 years' worth of experience in this arena and apply it to your commercial modus operandi – even before you start trading in the new market?

Are you aware that a significant global household name credit card company and the largest telecommunication company in the World both entrust Blackthorne to advise them of the changing landscape of compliance in a number of new emerging markets and employ Blackthorne for legal entity representation?

Is the potential partner company you wish to use as your legal entity representative abroad in possession of ISO27001 award certification?

Put the risk/reward ratio in your favour at the very beginning of your trade journeys in new markets – partner with Blackthorne – the most experienced global technology logistics specialist.