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IT Product Installation and Maintenance

Imagine if you could outsource a routine IT product installation in a remote country which typically costs your business significant amounts in flights, accommodation and labour for what is often a very straightforward task and which could be handled locally by our trained staff.

These activities are exactly what a number of our customers in Silicon Valley employ Blackthorne engineers to undertake – commensurately resulting in dramatically reduced costs for warranty and repair work needed to be undertaken as part of the SLA they have with clients in emerging markets which do not warrant a physical point of presence.

Global IT Network and Product Installation

Utilising our global supply chain offering we can offer our clients a range of installation and maintenance services for their IT equipment by our Cisco trained engineers worldwide.

All our trained IT engineers can undertake your warranty and repair work whilst fulfilling your SLAs and meeting your specific KPIs. We provide your end users with a first-class locally outsourced service at a fraction of the costs of your traditional modus operandi.

Thanks to our extensive legal entity representation we are able to offer IT corporates a compelling proposition to undertake what is traditionally expensive and logistically challenging activities for significantly reduced costs.

Our "smart" hands and "remote" hands support services provide technology corporates with the most effective solution to warranty, maintenance and repair and installation requirements in remote locations all around the world.

Our door-to-door IT product logistics solution reduces the barrier to entry for a number of new emerging markets which hitherto may be perceived by you to be economically and logistically too challenging without a trusted local partner.

Can you afford NOT to talk to Blackthorne about our all-encompassing installation and maintenance services?

Value Added IT Installation and Maintenance

As well as helping to fulfil your service level agreements we are able to carry out a range of logistical services to complement our IT installation and maintenance solutions.

We believe that we are able to provide the most value-added logistics partnerships on the market by offering:

  • A one stop overseas representation and logistics company with a fanatical attention to detail on all matters of compliance
  • Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) - award winning customs clearance
  • Legal Entity representation for clients in 226 countries around the world
  • Export Licensing - we are conversant with all the latest legislation and definitions
  • Data Centre deliveries – legal entity and compliance specialists in these environments
  • Installation & maintenance of IT products – Blackthorne's Cisco certified staff throughout the world provide "smart" hands and "remote" hands support

At Blackthorne, we can help reduce the barrier to entry and make new and emerging markets more accessible to your business. Our door-to- door IT product logistics solutions mean you can put your trust in us as your local partner anywhere in the world.

Can you afford not to talk to Blackthorne about our all-encompassing installation and maintenance services?

Your next step:

Call us for an evaluation of your requirements and a proposal to enable you to reach new emerging markets at a fraction of the costs that traditionally you associate with this activity.