Importer of Record

What is an importer of Record?

The importer of record is the fiscal entity taking responsibility for the import of goods in to a different customs territory from where they were sent.

"We have been acting as Importer of Record for companies selling technology products for over 20 years – when the activity was called "Registered Importer" or "Registered Exporter". If you want to speak to people with real practical experience of this type of activity - call us for a friendly jargon- free chat about your potential requirements."

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IOR and EOR Services

Importing and exporting requires your company to have an established business or other type of legal entity in the country of import or export to act as the government-required responsible party in conducting the export or import transactions.

The Importer of Record and Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) is officially recognised as the official party of an international shipment transaction by said governments.

Shipping IT equipment globally can be an extremely complex process with hardware being highly regulated, which is why you need to use an experienced Importer of Record. At Blackthorne International Transport we can provide the specialist support you need to help ensure quick, efficient and reliable importing and exporting of IT equipment worldwide.

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Common IOR Questions

The Importer Number is a unique identification number that is assigned to an Importer of Record by the government of the importing country. In the EU this is an EORI Number which is assigned to importers and exporters by the relevant tax authority. At Blackthorne we can act as an IOR for your IT shipments anywhere in the world.

The Importer of Record can be a person or organisation that is responsible for all paperwork relating to importing goods into a destination country. The IOR needs to arrange the payment of duties, levies, fines, product classification and certification.

Typically, the term Importer of Record or IOR is used to describe the entity or person who is accountable for the legal importation of goods in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are being imported. The responsibilities of this entity include classification and valuation of the goods, as well as payment of any duties and fees of the imported goods.

Generally speaking, a consignee is a different entity to an importer, although a consignee can be a government registered importer. A consignee is a single entity or company who the cargo is consigned to by the shipper. The consignee does not need to be the actual buyer of the goods. The importer is registered in the country of import to bring goods in from outside countries.

Simply put, the Importer of Record is accountable for ensuring that goods imported are properly cleared through customs and that all the necessary paperwork is completed. On top of this, the Importer of Record is responsible for the payment of any fines, duties, fees and levies that fall due as part of the import.

The Exporter of Record can be the seller or buyer but in both these cases, there may be potential compliance concerns. At Blackthorne International Transport we can act as the Exporter of Record for all IT shipments around the world. As the Exporter of Record, we are able to maintain documentation and ensure accuracy in the event of an audit.

If you are looking to import goods, then an Importer of Record is needed. This is a person, entity or organisation that is responsible for maintaining a paper trail and ensuring that all customs declarations are made, that goods are properly classified and that all duties, fees and levies are paid.

Yes, absolutely. Here at Blackthorne we are happy to act as an Importer or Record for IT shipments globally and our huge global network and infrastructure helps us to offer a seamless process for our customers. Our team can help get your IT equipment where it needs to be and expedite the import-export process.

In some cases, yes. However, we’d recommend choosing an experienced company that specialises in import and export. IT equipment and hardware are highly regulated so if you want to import or export worldwide then you need a company that knows what they are doing. At Blackthorne we can provide the support and help you need to get your hardware where it needs to be.

Blackthorne IOR services explained

At Blackthorne we provide businesses with a fast, reliable and affordable IOR and EOR service for IT goods around the world. With over 20 years’ experience, we can ensure that your shipments are simplified and that you don’t have to worry about any of the legal, customs or regulatory side of your freight.

Some of the responsibilities of the IOR or EOR include: filing relevant declarations with local government agencies during import and export, paying all due taxes and duties on import, acquiring the relevant licenses or permits prior to exporting to the destination country.

From international IT networking companies to Telecoms businesses we have helped our customers with all their IT equipment and hardware importing and exporting needs. Our Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services provide fast, smooth and reliable importing and exporting for businesses around the globe, as well as deliveries to data centres.

Some of the reasons to choose Blackthorne include:

You don't need to establish legal representation

For many companies who don’t have a physical presence in the country of import, establishing legal representation can be a time-consuming and expensive process. This is where Blackthorne can help. Our freight management services mean that we can manage the whole process for you and get your equipment where it needs to be.

Simplified customs clearance

One of the key advantages of choosing an IT freight specialist for your global shipments is the benefit of a simplified customs clearance process. Our global network enables us to comply with all necessary import and export regulations and ensure that your goods are properly classified and certified.

Payment of all duties, taxes and fees

Avoid unexpected costs and taxes by using the services of Blackthorne. From storage and warehousing to door to door transport, we can manage your entire IT equipment transportation. As well as managing the payment of all taxes, duties, fees and certification costs as the Importer of Record we will also keep detailed documentation which is stored for a minimum period as required by law. This means that should you require documentation at any point, we can provide the right paperwork to help you avoid future fines and taxes.

Exporter of Record Explained

In a similar way to the Importer of Record, the Exporter of Record is responsible for ensuring that all legal regulations are adhered to during shipment. As a further note the Exporter of Record is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the shipment arrives at the end destination
  • Make sure that deliveries are made on time and according to the payment
  • Answering any inquiries from the Customs and Border Protection

As with the IOR, the EOR needs to keep appropriate documentation in order to comply with all eligible regulations. At Blackthorne we can simplify the process ensuring that the correct information is passed between different forwarding agents and managing the shipment between the seller and the buyer. This helps businesses to maintain operations as normal safe in the knowledge that their IT shipments are being handled correctly.

By using Blackthorne you can avoid unforeseen problems and issues that can arise when the Exporter of Record has not been designated and defaults to the shipment’s foreign recipient.

For companies who need to support warranty replacements and emergency stock, and who do not have an established legal entity our services can help. We are able to act as IOR and EOR for your shipments and ensure a fast, smooth and reliable way for your business to import and export IT hardware and equipment throughout the world.

Additional value-added services

Some additional value-added services we provide for IT clients for whom we already act as Importer of Record:

IT Hardware Importing and Exporting

Whether you are looking to ship IT equipment to a foreign branch office, need IT hardware sending to a foreign data centre or are shipping spare or warranty parts to an FSL warehouse, then you will need to use an Importer of Record service. Some of the advantages of using Blackthorne International Transport as your IOR include hassle-free door-to-door shipments, quick and easy customs clearance, guaranteed compliance with local import laws and regulations.

The responsibilities of an IOR or EOR include:

  • Paying duty and taxes on point of importation
  • Obtaining licenses and authorisation prior to exportation
  • Filing all declarations with the relevant government agencies on importation or exportation
  • Maintaining records for the minimum duration required

Blackthorne helps businesses all over the world to cost-effectively import and export IT equipment globally. From simplifying the clearance of shipments to reducing exposure to corporate taxes we can provide you with a professional service for all your global IT hardware needs.

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