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Cutting Logistics Red Tape

Disruptive technology is a moving landscape – where many procedures are increasingly based on algorithms and predicted behaviour – Blackthorne’s “human” experience always defeats the most recalcitrant bureaucrats to get your goods delivered safely

Talk to Blackthorne if...

  • You are a technology company and want to reach new markets with your product
  • You want help delivering your physical product to new emerging markets - door to door
  • You want to work with a company intimately familiar with import and export procedures and compliance in emerging markets
  • You might want "smart hands" logistics from a company with an unrivalled client base in the tech and telco market
  • You want to benefit from our legal entity representation in 226 countries thus providing the largest global representation of any logistics company
  • Advice is free - talk to us - we specialise in helping grow technology start-ups to become big disruptive technology players

What advantages do we offer

  • Blackthorne is the leading technology logistics company for both large corporates and new tech start-ups - ask us who we work for
  • Expertise and experience - we offer a more efficient and cost effective solution to your import logistics requirements than any in-house solution
  • Our knowledge of controlled technology import local legislation in all countries streamlines delivery – when speed and reliability matters
  • Specialists in red tape cutting - the Black "Thorne" cuts through all barriers to entry to your new export markets
  • Compliance experts - make small tech start-ups handle logistics in a compliant way and therefore present their methodologies as appropriate to deal with large corporates
  • Blackthorne provides Legal Entity representation for a number of Fortune 500 companies who wish to operate in emerging markets around the world but wish to do so through a 3rd party for reasons of maintaining their strict adherence to corporate compliance and governance policies. We were the first company in our specific field to be awarded with ISO27001 certification
  • Additionally our "smart" hands and "remote" hands support services provide technology corporates with the most effective solution to warranty, maintenance and repair and installation requirements in remote locations all around the world. (secondary message)
  • Our door-to-door IT product logistics solution reduces the barrier to entry for a number of new emerging markets which hitherto may be perceived by you to be economically and logistically too challenging without a trusted local partner.
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Blackthorne expertise opens doors to markets closed to those unfamiliar with the export procedures

  • The Black "Thorne" cuts through red tape seamlessly
  • Don’t let customs procedures be a thorn in your side – the “Blackthorne” cuts through the red tape and delivers your goods to the right place, on time, every time
  • Tech experts - Blackthorne speaks your language - but delivers practical solutions in clear plain English
  • For smaller tech companies – we provide the most reliable and cost effective IOR process
  • State of the art tracking to ensure all key stakeholders are aware of consignment status
  • Value added tech logistics services up to smart and remote hands support
  • Wherever technology takes us – you still need a reliable partner on the ground. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years when the service was known as “Registered Importer”. Our IOR team have unmatched experience in Tech IOR requirements and can tailor a solution to fit the growth pattern of your business as your trusted logistics partner, allowing you to focus on development of your product/service, whilst we skilfully navigate the changing landscape of IOR requirements on your behalf, in any country around the world.

We make the process of delivering your products to any country in the world, easy and stress free - call us to see how to make the whole world an accessible market for your products.