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Creating a borderless world

To quote the World Economic Forum - "Logistics performance – both in international trade and domestically – is central to the economic growth and competitiveness of countries, and the logistics sector is now recognized as one of the core pillars of economic development."

As leaders in the provision of IT Logistics, Blackthorne is at the forefront of creating a borderless world where there are no global boundaries to the markets for your technology products. On your behalf we handle all the supply chain logistics that are associated with getting your products from the point of origin to your desired destination.

The supply chain processes we deliver to get your product to the right place, at the right time, door to door, typically includes:

  • Export Licence compliance check
  • Collection from your goods origin
  • Export customs clearance
  • Provision of international transport by any combination of air, sea and road freight
  • Import customs clearance
  • Delivery to the final destination

In addition to the standard supply chain logistical services we provide, we can also offer IT product clients:

  • IOR (importer of record) - we can act in this capacity in any country in the world on your behalf
  • Legal Entity for your company abroad. Not all companies seem to be aware that a product being delivered to a data centre, is subject to customs clearance and local import law compliance under the responsibility of the company sending the goods - not the data centre itself. Blackthorne handle this activity on your behalf.
  • Smart hands installation. Here our trained engineers, unpack, connect and power up the product upon delivery. You can get confirmation in real time the product is correctly installed and functioning correctly. Effectively we are your on site engineers

We make the process of delivering your products to any country in the world, easy and stress free - call us to see how to make the whole world an accessible market for your products.