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Freight & Cargo in Russia

"FACT: Blackthorne probably undertakes more high value specialist freight activity into and out of Russia than any other logistics company in the world. The anomalies and unique challenges of the region present us with an opportunity to demonstrate our "practical" unmatched experience of Russian freight activities – call us to find out the type and scale of business that rely solely on Blackthorne to handle Russian freight."

Doing business in Russia presents huge potential commercial rewards – which sometimes require very precise "risk management"" and an intimate knowledge of sanctions and regulatory issues specific to logistics activity in this region.

Blackthorne can confidently assert that we are the leading freight logistics company in the world. There are one or two logistics companies which may do more turnover through some very high value contracts – but we have no other competition in respect of individual high-value and specialist freight activity into and out of Russia.

Russian freight has been the mainstay of our business for 20 years and we provide corporates with consultancy and hassle-free door to door logistics into an area where incorrect procedure can be very damaging from a commercial and reputational perspective.

One of the reasons that we excel in Russian freight is that we understand and respect the Russian culture and have Russian associates with whom we have worked for decades and built established relationships with mutual trust.

Our dedicated Russian logistics team are all very experienced with the vagaries of freight activity in the region and can think autonomously and understand how to seamlessly navigate what can appear to be quite daunting and bureaucratic processes.

Your next step:

If you are serious about corporate freight logistics into and out of Russia call us and find out how we can turn challenging logistics into a trouble-free compliant commercial activity for you.