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Forward Stocking Location

Blackthorne have the capability to provide clients with Forward Stocking Locations - FSL's - in 196 countries around the world.

Forward Stocking Locations are effectively satellite warehouses located closer to customers in more remote locations.

Benefits of Blackthorne FSLs

  • Assist with improving compliance of service level agreements for delivery of inventory to clients.
  • Inventory holdings closer to end user sites reduces delivery time to clients and facilitates logistics.
  • Less frequent shipments of larger volumes of inventory closer to client locations is often more cost effective than incremental one-off low volume shipments.
  • In conjunction with Blackthorne IOR and Legal Entity Representation - Blackthorne FSLs provide logistics flexibility for clients looking to expand into new markets.
  • Blackthorne FSL solutions provide benefits for pick-ups as well as returns.
  • Typically, an efficient Blackthorne devised FSL solution could reduce your logistics costs significantly, in addition to enhancing the compliance of your SLAs with your clients.

Blackthorne FSL solution

We provide bespoke solutions for clients tailored to their individual requirements. Essentially, we work with you to formulate the ideal geographical locations for your Forward Stocking Locations, thus maximising the efficiency of your global supply chain.

We provide an easy-to-use online secure environment for you to manage your Forward Stocking Location activities, with the flexibility for you to remotely deploy items to different locations and view in real time the location of all your inventory items.